All about travel

It's no secret that most people at least once in their life left their hometown and traveled. Someone with a backpack behind us conquers Mount Everest, someone makes a pilgrimage to Israel, and someone decides to explore the caves or forests in the neighboring region. Everyone chooses what he likes.
But why is a person so drawn to travel? What is he missing at home, in his native walls? And with what does he return home, in addition to tired legs, sun-burnt hair and a blissful smile? We will talk about all this with you right now.

What to take on a trip

Cash, documents, road maps If you travel by car, include a road map in the list of things - it will come in handy. Documents, bank cards, cash are best placed in a backpack or bag. Always carry them with you. So, the most important list on the road: Passport, copies of it. Needed if you are going on holiday abroad. For travel to your native places do not forget your regular passport. Make virtual copies to a USB flash drive, email, phone. Be safe. If you suddenly lose the originals, copies will come in handy. Air, railway tickets or printout of their electronic options. Printout of electronic hotel reservation. Medical insurance of the international policy, their copies. Driving license, documents for the car, if you are going on a journey by personal transport, their copy. Bank cards. Cash in the national currency of the country where you are traveling. Divide into 3-5 parts, put in different places. A small notebook with personal notes. Enter the route, addresses, phone numbers.

Another important point is what to take on vacation. Going on a trip without medicine means risking your health. Many drugs are not sold over-the-counter. And the same cream for burns at the resort is several times more expensive. Therefore, taking drugs on the road is necessary. It is convenient to divide the preparations into two parts. First, put the necessary remedies, for example, a remedy for allergies, motion sickness, or a medicine that you constantly take. Carry them with you. All other drugs belong to the second part. They can be folded into a travel kit and put in a suitcase. What medicines to take with you on vacation is best known in advance, and prepare them. What to take with you on a trip: Medicines for diarrhea. Antipyretic, analgesic drugs. Allergy pills. Antiviral agents. Antibiotics. Cream for burns, stretch marks, bruises. Medications you take all the time. Pills for motion sickness. Ointment for insect bites. Bandages, cotton wool, iodine, adhesive, hydrogen peroxide.

Why travel?

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with an excerpt from the book of Rami Blackt “The Magic Key to 12 Houses of Fate”, which will help answer the question “Why travel?” “It has been noticed that people who travel more are more intelligent, they have a broader horizons. Short trips give us detachment. You travel, see how other people live, you see that the same problems are everywhere, so you can look at the world and life in general from above. If you live without going anywhere, when everything, as they say, is close by, and going to the market in a neighboring region is like the end of the world, then it is very difficult to develop. Travel makes a person easy and they teach him to take , see other cultures, look from the side to the world. In Vedic times, long journeys automatically meant long travel times. In our century, you can have breakfast at home in the morning, and already have lunch somewhere in London or Paris. That is, now, under long-distance trips, we mean not long-distance trips, but rather long trips in terms of presence of travel. The Dalai Lama says that at least once every six months, or at least once a year, you need to go somewhere, because our subtle body should be fed by new impressions, energies. Therefore, do not spare money for travel. It is believed that the money given for travel is returned, especially if you travel to spiritual places, make pilgrimages. ”

How to choose a country for vacation based on your finances

There are two options: you are limited in budget or not. If you belong to the second category, then you can safely go to the next item. If not, then in order to choose a country for vacation / travel, you need to determine the articles of estimated costs, and analyze each. Together, you need to calculate the preliminary budget, evaluate and correlate your needs with your capabilities. So, the estimated cost items:

Flights The key here is the range, popularity of the flight, excess baggage and the time of purchase of the ticket.

Housing (hotels, apartments, villas, apartments). In different countries, prices can vary greatly.

Visa. This article may include: consular visa fee + travel expenses (if the consulate is in another city / country) + intermediary services (if you use one). Below we will return to this topic and consider it in more detail.

Insurance. The selected country does not significantly affect the cost of insurance. The type of insurance (coverage area) and the validity period will affect the price much more.

Nutrition. Here you will need to decide how and where you will eat: in local cafes, restaurants or plan to cook yourself.

Fare. This can be a car rental, domestic flights, taxi services, the cost of tickets for intercity buses, rail and city transport.

The cost of excursions, entrance to museums and other attractions, as well as other cultural and recreational activities.

Other expenses (souvenirs, gifts). Preliminarily find out the general price level of the selected country for vacation / travel. For someone, these expenses will be limited to buying two or three magnets, while someone needs to buy all the key chains, figurines, masks, scarves, rugs and slippers.

The benefits of travel

1. Having gone somewhere on vacation, camping or a long trip, the life scenario changes, according to which you lived for several months, or even years. 2. A change of scenery contributes to a change in your rhythm of life. Remember the period when your life "was in full swing." You must admit that time then flew completely wrong. 3. You are charged with positive emotions and impressions. In addition, the vitality increases. You, at last, manage to forget about the problems and matters that have long tormented you and have long bothered you. Traveling is the best rest for the brain. 4. In a new city or a new country, everything is unknown to you. Non-standard situations occur with you that require you to “strain” your brain in order to give out non-standard actions. Thanks to this, a very effective and useful brain training occurs. Finally, his hidden abilities awaken. The body begins to use those resources that previously "slept", this in turn leads to recovery. During or after a rest and “wandering around the world,” you suddenly have new ideas, and most importantly, your outlook on life changes.